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  • Great minds share alike!

    For many years, PEO work with world class professionals to bring our clients of multinational companies in China timely information, in-depth analysis and professional advice. Among various channels of obtaining information, PEO events, being updated, professional and authoritative, have become the favorable choice for business elites. As PEO people, we are proud that in our focusing areas of finance, tax, accounting, human resource, legal and management, we effectively facilitate the exchange of information as well as encourage the sharing of experience and knowledge among massive professionals.


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  • Get what you need on the web!

    PEO Events + Advanced IT platform = PEO Online events, which timely updates you with first-hand information by invited prominent practitioners. With PEO Online, the professional information, detailed analysis and practical advice are only a few clicks away!


  • PEO Training

    PEO Training is the training division of PEO Group. We work with the world's leading training and consulting companies, practitioners, consultants, as well as eminent trainers to bring to our clients world class training programs. Our continuous market research and clear understanding of the business environment ensure what we deliver is significantly applicable to your business. Furthermore, PEO's comprehensive network in the training industry and consolidated training management allow us to provide up-to-date training contents and satisfying services at reasonable price.

    PEO Training 是普岩集团下属致力于专业培训服务的品牌。我们与世界一流的培训、咨询机构,专业顾问,以及精英培训师合作,带给您世界级的培训课程。我们持续的市场调研以及对商业环境的深入理解与把握,确保我们的培训内容能真正的为您所用。此外,PEO强大的培训网络以及高效整合的培训管理,使我们能以最优惠的价格提供与时俱进的培训课程以及让您满意的服务。

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